I’ve had two tragic deaths in my lifetime. When I was 25, my first child died after heart surgery. Her name was Keri, and after she died, I wrote poems I called “Mourning Lullabies” and put them away in a drawer. Almost fifty years later, when my husband died, I began writing again. Writing has helped me grieve.

Over time, friends and colleagues persuaded me to turn the poems into a book, and Words for the Unbearable was born. The poems are tragic and sorrowful and true. They cover the realities of grief. When the numbness leaves, these are the feelings left to carry.

Besides writing poems, I’ve found other coping strategies useful. Throughout the book, I offer them to you in the hope that some may help you too.

My poems are my journey of grieving. Some may open up feelings and thoughts that help you on your way to remaking your life. I hope they help you see that you are not alone and that you have everything you need to make this journey.

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